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Disabled Drivers Modifications and Adaptions for drivers with a disability

Hand Controls

Push Pull Hand Controls

Wheelchair Cars Ireland can supply and fit hand controls to most automatic vehicles. This allows people to drive the vehicle without using there legs.

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Lodgesons Infra Red Controls

Secondary Controls in one place

Infra red controls allow the secondary functions of the car to be used without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

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Pedal Adaptions

Adapt the pedals to suit your needs.

Sometimes the standard configuration of the peddles just doesn't suit. Common adaptions include pedal extensions and left foot accelerators.

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Handbrake Adaptions

Make using the handbrake easier

The handbrake can be modified with a quick release system or operated electronically.

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Chair Topper

Chair Toppers

Wheelchair Storage system for both drivers and passengers

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Steering Aids

Steering Balls, crossover bars etc

Make steering easier with a selection of aids and devices

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Boot Hoists/Lifts

Storing your equipment in the vehicle

A selection of boot hoists to take the weight out of storing your wheelchair or scooter.

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