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Disabled Passengers Seating adaption options

Seating Options

There is an array of seating options available for drivers and passengers again for these systems to function correctly is all about choosing the correct adaption in the correct vehicle for the correct person. Here at Wheelchair Cars Ireland our team can carry out a whole host of seating modifications. These include but are not limited to the following:

Turny Evo

Programmable electronic seat which comes entirely out of the vehicle. Its path can be customised to suit the individual and vehicle. For those who cannot transfer to regular swivel seat.

Turny Orbit

Suitable for passenger installation only the Turny Orbit comes either Manual or Electric. The seat will come entirely out of the vehicle and has powered lifting. Again suitable for those who need something extra than what a swivel seat offers.

Turny Low Vehicle

Specifically designed seat for cars with limited door space. The seat comes almost completely out of the vehicle.

Six Way Seat

Generally fitted in larger vehicles such as a Mercedes Sprinter the six way seat can allow for internal transfer from wheelchair/scooter to the driver seat.

To get more information and advice on these seating options contact our mobility team on 0874662895 or 0906439438